A Legend Reborn | The AGV X3000 AGO1

Italian motorcycle helmet manufacturer AGV honors Giacomo Agostini with the launch of their all-new X3000 line of helmets, one of two helmet models in their “Legends Collection.” Limited to just 3,000 units, the “Ago” edition pays homage to the past with all of the modern safety and comforts we’ve come to expect from AGV.

The attention to detail continues from the outside of the helmet to the interior with high-quality leathers, breathable fabrics and embroidered “AGV Legends” logo. The interior padding is also removable and washable.

If you’re scratching your head wondering who this Giacomo Agostini guy is, shame on you! Watch the video below and then go do some homework on one of the greatest motorcycle racers to ever strap on a lid.



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