A Purpose-built Motorcycle Backpack from Velomacchi

Velomacchi Speedway 28L Roll-Top Backpack

What the hell is a “Magnetic Sternum Coupler?!”

Arguably, the most compelling of the many well thought out details that make up the Velomacchi Speedway 28L, it’s the silver dial that literally and figuratively brings together what may very well be the most well-designed and well-thought-out motorcycle backpack ever made.

As motorcyclists, we love the “for us, by us” mantra and Velomacchi delivers with thoughtful products designed around our unique needs. With the Speedway 28L, they’ve dropped a stylish pack complete with features we didn’t even know we wanted. Sure, the waterproof roll-top design may seem pretty conventional at first glance, but dig a little deeper and you’ll discover thoughtful details with the utility and comfort of the rider in mind.

Some of the Bells and Whistles

  • Water-tight main compartment with magnetic roll-top closure
  • Magnetic sternum coupler for hands-free harness closure
  • 1000D competition fabric: water proof, abrasion resistant and stable at high speed
  • Emergency contact information and key pocket
  • Hydration sleeve compatible
  • GoPro mounting plate
  • Tire pressure gauge elastic sleeve
  • Aluminum hands-free helmet clip

Velomacchi Speedway Backpack 28L
Road Tested by Arrick Maurice

With all of the hype around the Velomacchi Speedway Backpack, I was excited to finally get my hands on one. Over the years, I’d experimented with a ton of different backpack options for riding and never found one to be just the right blend of functionality, comfort and style. Would this be the one?

First impressions of the Speedway Backpack are that it’s well-designed, well-constructed and tough as nails. The only consequence of its bulletproof nature is a stiff carcass that I wish had a softer hand and more “broken in” feel. All of the “bells and whistles” like the GoPro mounting plate, tire pressure gauge sleeve and aluminum helmet clip are very well done. The only obvious oversight is the lack of a laptop sleeve within the bag.

After riding with the Speedway Backpack for a couple of months, it’s quickly become my go-to bag when riding. Everything on the bag just seems to work. The patent pending 3-point rotating harness system creates a great fit that’s stable at speed and the magnetic sternum coupler works perfectly. The waterproof 28L roll-top bag has plenty of space for around-town trips and short weekend excursions. In short, this bag fits well, works great and looks damn good.

In the future, I’d love to see the bag shed a little weight, add a laptop sleeve and loosen up a little. Beyond that, it would be cool to see some advanced safety tech such as turn signals and brake lights discreetly woven into the fabric that sync directly with the bike similar to something like the Aster that was funded on Indiegogo a couple years back. Until then, this one will do just fine!


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