Dainese X Regenesi Collab Brings New Life to Rashed Leathers

The Dainese by Regenesi Credit Card Holder

Dainese and Regenesi have come together to take second hand leathers and bring them to life once again in the form of fashion accessories for the truly passionate motorcycle enthusiast. We’re featuring the Credit Card Holder, but the collection includes everything from keychains and belts to wallets and iPad cases. Every product is handcrafted by Italian artisans and completely one-of-a-kind given that the leather for each piece is sourced from previously worn (and likely crashed) Dainese race suits.

Regenesi, an Italian brand based in Bologna, is no stranger to the sustainable concept. In fact, they have built their entire brand on the idea of taking reclaimed materials and transforming them into fashionable goods. Given that they’re just down the road from Ducati, could we see a line of furniture made from reclaimed Ducati parts in the future? One can only hope…




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