Period Correct Tool Boxes are a Throwback to a Simpler Time

Period Correct Engineering Accessories Line

There once was a time when a tool box was just that; a box that held your tools. It was made of steel, used no-frills hardware and was designed and built to be indestructible. They did everything they needed to and nothing more. My dad had one and his dad before him had one just like it… packed with rusty tools and and a lifetime of fond memories of tinkering in the garage.

The team at Period Correct has captured all that nostalgia and packed it into their Engineering Line of vintage toolboxes. They’re made in the USA and constructed from powder coated steel and nickel-plated hardware. The minimalist design is adorned with one of a few bold color options and a branded metal plaque that reads “Racing Components.”

Most of the items within the collection can be purchased on their online shop and they’re all on display and available for purchase at their flagship store in Costa Mesa, CA.


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