The Bell Bullitt, an Instant Design Icon

It’s not every day that a designer brings to life a product that is instantly iconic. In fact, most will work their entire career and never know that feeling. In fashion, Tinker Hatfield managed to do it time and time again with the Air Jordans. In tech, Jonathan Ive and team have done it with one great product after another at Apple. Within the motorcycle world, guys like Massimo Tamburini, Miguel Galuzzi, Pierre Terblanche and Giandrea Fabbro did it with the Ducati 916, Monster, SportClassic and 1199 Panigale respectively. In 2013, Chad Hodge did it with the Bell Bullitt helmet.

The timing was perfect for a throwback design reminiscent of simpler times which turned out to be exactly what motorcyclists were looking for in an era of over-designed protective headwear. Bell doubled down on the “Modern Classic” trend that was sweeping it’s way through motorcycling and created a contemporary interpretation of a classic helmet style that promised to deliver the comfort and safety we’ve come to expect from a current day helmet.

The world went crazy for the Bell Bullitt, seemingly overnight. It graced the covers of style & design magazines and was sought after by motorcyclists, fashionistas and design aficionados alike. While the Bullitt comes in a number of different liveries with different shield options that allow owners to make them their own, the Bell Bullitt TT design with bubble shield (pictured above) was instantly adored by the masses. Today, there are several different liveries and its popularity only seems to be gaining momentum. Props to Chad and the team at Bell for creating such a timeless masterpiece.

In the following video, Chad shares his story of designing the Bell Bullitt.


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