The Oak Street x ButterScotch 93 Vibram Trench Boot Collab

The First of Its Kind from Long Beach Based ButterScotch

Just one year ago in the summer of 2017, Tommy Kern opened the doors of ButterScotch, a boutique mens shop and cafe based in Long Beach, CA. A synthesis of Tommy’s passions for motorcycles, coffee and clothing, ButterScotch would offer quality goods from an assortment of the finest mens brands from around the world. One year later and Tommy has taken it one step further in collaborating with brands like Vanson Leathers, Left Field NYC, Billykirk and now Oak Street Bootmakers to launch unique and exclusive products that wear the ButterScotch name, the most recent of which is the Oak Street x ButterScotch 93 Vibram Trench Boot.

Based on Oak Street’s Trench boot silhouette, Tommy has personally selected every detail to create a truly unique and custom boot only available from ButterScotch. Handcrafted in the USA, the boot has a Vibram Christy sole, Goodyear welted construction, custom storm welt, matte black metal hardware, limited color 93 Horween Chromexcel leather and two sets of laces (Black Flat Waxed and Brown Cloth). While the Horween Leather Company Chromexcel leather has never been offered to the public in “Color 93,” we recently got our hands on some products from E3 Supply Co. that also utilize Horween Chromexcel leather and can vouch for it’s top-notch quality and unique character that is incredible out of the box and only gets better with time.

ButterScotch has released 15 pairs in it’s first limited run. If you’re lucky and they still have your size, you can scoop them up for $485 USD. Otherwise, they’re collecting pre-orders for the next run which is expected to arrive in mid October.



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