Saint Unbreakable Jeans in Raw Indigo

Single Layer Motorcycle Riding Jeans Built for the Slide

It’s safe to say that most everyone in the motorcycle denim game has a similar goal in mind. They’re out to create the best looking jeans with the highest level of safety without sacrificing style or comfort. Similarly to the recently featured Tobacco Indigo Selvedge Protective Riding Jeans, most have gone with a dual layer execution with a traditional denim exterior layer lined with a stronger Kevlar® interior layer in high-impact areas. The folks at Saint have taken the path less traveled and gone with a single layer execution that leverages a highly technical fabric they’ve deemed “unbreakable.” To be precise, they say it’s good for 3.67 seconds and 45 meters of slide time. The secret sauce is Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) Dyneema® which is woven with cotton to create their 12oz Unbreakable Denim, the magic behind The Saint Unbreakable Jeans in Raw Indigo.

The Saint Unbreakable Jeans in Raw Indigo are a slim / straight fit riding jean constructed from the aforementioned 12oz Unbreakable Denim, triple stitched at the seams and brought together with enamel engraved buttons. With no padding and a single layer of denim, it appears they’ve pulled of a high-fashion denim look in a package that’s over one hundred times stronger than standard denim.

You can purchase them at your local retailer or online at for $350 USD.


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