Tobacco Indigo Selvedge Protective Riding Jeans

Life Can Be Lived Responsibly Reckless

The folks at Tobacco Motorwear Company believe that life can be lived responsibly reckless, an esoteric concept naturally understood by anyone that prefers to ride through life on two wheels. As motorcyclists, we make choices about how responsible and/or reckless we want to be every time we throw a leg over a bike. We do so in how we ride and we do so in how we choose to dress for the ride and/or the slide. Tobacco makes products for riders that believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for safety.

A staple within the Tobacco line are the Indigo Selvedge Protective Riding Jeans. Compared to the Levi’s 501, that’s a mouthful, but that’s somehow appropriate given these are a far cry from your Levi’s. Made from iconic red stripe 13.5 oz selvedge denim and lined with Tobacco’s proprietary 100% Dupont™ Kevlar® Comfort Control Lining, these jeans are designed for riding and built to last a lifetime.

Tobaccos are crafted in the USA, woven on vintage shuttle looms exactly how they were before the days of fast fashion when jeans were as tough as the men and women who wore them and made to last. They’ve been intentionally designed to fade and form to fit your body over time, giving them character that’s ever-evolving and uniquely yours.

The Tobacco Indigo Selvedge Protective Riding Jeans are a classic slim-straight cut for a not too skinny fit that’s designed to be comfortable on and off the bike. The Comfort Control Kevlar® lining is as soft as a baby’s ass while providing enough protection during a slide to save yours.


For $359 USD, you can pick up a pair on the Tobacco Motorwear Company website or at one of a handful of motorcycle shops around the world.


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