78 Motor Co. Sakura Motorcycle Gloves

Handcrafted and High Style

Within the motorcycle glove game, there is a constant battle between form, function and feel with each of these elements seemingly at odds with one another. With more protection comes more bulk and less feel while more style and better fit come at the consequence of optimal protection. If the ideal scenario would be to have a fashionable glove that feels as if you weren’t wearing one at all while providing best-in-class protection in case of a crash, every motorcycle glove on the market today is somehow an exercise in compromise. With the Sakura gloves from 78 Motor Co., optimal protection has taken a back seat to high style and a tailored fit and the end result is a thing of beauty.

From start to finish, each pair of Sakura gloves takes skilled craftsman six hours to produce. From the selection of the finest Scandinavian aniline calf hides to the three-stage dye process and all the way through cutting and stitching, all of which is done by hand, these gloves are meticulously crafted.

Available in Midnight Black, Royal Blue and Cherry Red, the gloves are perforated for airflow and the ribbing throughout creates a tough, but flexible and comfortable fit. There is reinforced padding in the palms and the metal polished YKK zipper is durable, yet smooth. Finally, 78 Motor Co. has lined the interior of the Sakura gloves with polyester to make them feel as luxurious as they look.

The Sakura Motorcycle Glove is available in four different sizes and can be purchased online at 78MotorCo.com.



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