Velomacchi Speedway Tool Roll

Tool Storage for the Obsessively Organized Motorcyclist

Tool rolls have always been a great solution for motorcyclists. They offer compact storage and quick access to tools for the obsessively organized. When Velomacchi designed the Speedway Tool Roll, they took a classic design, put on their motorcyclist hat and got to work on developing a modern tool roll with technical features and benefits that would suit the motorcycle enthusiast of today.

A part of the Speedway Collection, the look and feel of the Speedway Tool Roll is right in line with the previously featured Velomacchi Speedway 28L Roll-Top Backpack. Designed to strap to your bike and survive the elements, the Speedway Tool Roll gives you quick access to your tools should you find yourself needing to do some roadside repairs. The various pockets and compartments are designed for storage of a wide variety of tools and specific necessities such as CO2 cartridges and a pneumatic tire pump in case of a flat.When you need to roll out the kit and get to work, the main flap folds out and doubles as a spacious work tray that even has a built-in magnet to prevent your bolts and hardware from rolling away.

All in all, this is another cleverly designed product from the team at Velomacchi. You can pick up the Velomacchi Speedway tool roll for $75 USD from one of their retailers or via their website at




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