The All-New Bell Eliminator Carbon Helmet

This is No Bell Bullitt... and We Like It

Bell dropped a bomb at Intermot this week with the launch of their all-new Eliminator Carbon Helmet. Designed by Chad Hodge, the same guy responsible for the design of the wildly successful Bell Bullitt, the Eliminator gives a nod to automotive past and a sinister-like f*** you to every other helmet design on the market today.

At first glance, I can’t help but think… if Stilo and Les Ateliers Ruby met in a bar… For everything classic and understated that the Bell Bullitt is, the Eliminator is not! It’s bold, aggressive and uniquely its own. In addition to all of the bells and whistles we’ve come to expect form a modern motorcycle helmet from Bell, the Eliminator comes with some unique features such as an integrated communication port for your Bluetooth® headset and com system, integrated speaker pockets and Transitions® Adaptive ClickRelease™ Shield.

Hat’s off to Chad for one hell of an encore performance. Rumor is that the Eliminator will retail for $599.95 USD and be available by Christmas.


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