The REV’IT Bison Overshirt

Lightweight, Waterproof and Abrasion-resistant

Historically, motorcycle riders have fallen into one of two categories with regards to gear. On one end of the spectrum, there’s the All the Gear, All the Time (ATGATT) contingent that wouldn’t ride to the coffee shop in anything less than a one piece leather suit, gauntlet gloves, full-faced helmet and the same boots Valentino Rossi wears on Sundays. On the other end, there’s the folks that remove their helmet and strap it to the back of their bike as soon as they cross state lines of one that doesn’t require them by law. In recent years, gear manufacturers have been doing a great job of creating product offerings that fill the vast void between these two extremes. This has resulted in products like the Saint Unbreakable Jeans and the Stylmartin Iron Riding Shoe amongst countless others. With the Bison Overshirt, REV’IT has developed a shirt with CE-level 1 padding that’s waterproof and abrasion-resistant without the bulk of a riding jacket.

The two-pocket, collared shirt design with black and gray plaid colorway is style-forward in its design with a few clever features that remind you that it was designed with a motorcyclist in mind. For starters, it is constructed from REV’IT’s hydratex® membrane which ensures the shirt is both waterproof and windproof along with what they call “PWR | shield” which is extremely strong and abrasion-resistant in case of a slide. On the inside, you’ll find removable SEESMART™ CE-level 1 padding in the shoulders and elbows with a pocket for a SEESOFT™ CE-level 2 back protector that you can add for additional protection. All of the seams have been triple stitched and there is a ventilation panel across the back of the shoulders for airflow. In the front, the zipper enclosure is completely concealed by a button enclosure, which insures you’ll stay dry without sacrificing the style of this plaid button down. If you’re concerned about the shirt sliding up your back in a crash, they’ve got you covered with a zipper sewn into the bottom that can be used with the REV’IT Safeway Belt to prevent that from from ever happening.

Does the REV’IT Bison Overshirt provide the same level of protection as a modern-day leather jacket with all of the bells and whistles? Hell no, but is it better than rocking a tee-shirt or hoodie when riding? Most definitely.

Pick one up from your favorite REV’IT retailer for $269.99 USD.


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