The Alaskan

All of the Necessities and None of the Frills

The words “purpose built” are often thrown around in the motorcycle scene, but rarely meet expectations when truly put to the test. There may be no better example of this than the current Scrambler craze in which nearly every motorcycle manufacturer has launched a product bearing the “Scrambler” name. The implication of that namesake and the marketing messages associated with it being that it’s a lightweight adventure-seeking machine capable of handling any terrain you throw at it. However, it would be ill-advised to roll one of these bikes off the showroom floor and attempt to tackle the demanding terrain of a place like Alaska. With that said, it was the dream of traversing Alaska’s breathtaking and arduous landscape by motorbike that set Alex Earle on a quest to build a truly purpose built machine that could manage the task. He would call it “The Alaskan.”

An accomplished automotive designer and custom motorcycle builder, Alex Earle approaches motorcycle design with a transcendent level of sophistication. There is no form without function, yet every aesthetic detail is painstakingly crafted. With The Alaskan, Alex would set out on a journey that would begin with the stroke of a pencil and culminate in the heart of Alaska’s wilderness. In Alex’s own words, this video gives us a glimpse into that journey.

Presented by META
Written by Alex Earle
Producer / Cinematographer / Editor – Christopher Thoms



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