The RSD Snapback Saver

Could this mark the end to lost hats while riding?

If you ride with your hat attached to your belt loop as many of us do, you’ve probably arrived to a destination at the end of a long ride only to find your beloved hat was lost somewhere along the way, never to be found again… You may have also experienced blown out snaps from repeatedly snapping and unsnapping your hat before and after rides. Personally, I’ve experienced both and always wondered when someone would come up with a solution to this seemingly simple problem. Alas, the team at RSD have come with a solution; the RSD Snapback Saver.

This “Roland’s Garage Limited Inventory Item” is simple in its design and we can only hope it delivers on it’s promises. It will, without a doubt, save your snaps from blowing out from over use, but it’s hard to see how it would save your cap while traveling at speed. We’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and if all goes well, hopefully the team at RSD will add this to their permanent collection.

If you’re interested, grab one fast for $20 at before they sell out!


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