The Alaskan

The words “purpose built” are often thrown around in the motorcycle scene, but rarely meet expectations when truly put to the test. There may be no better example of this than the current Scrambler craze in which nearly every motorcycle manufacturer has launched a product bearing the “Scrambler” name. The implication of that namesake and the marketing messages associated...

Coterie West Super Hooligan Scrambler

Los Angeles based Scrambler aficionados, Coterie West, have beautifully transformed the Ducati Scrambler Mach 2.0 into a race-ready Super Hooligan machine. Originally derived from a collaboration between Roland Sands Design and the Ducati Scrambler team, the paint scheme harkens back to the freewheeling good times of 70’s in Southern California. The folks at Coterie West used this same inspiration when...

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